Installation Options for the Ultimate 1000 Motuary Body Lift Mortuary Lift Instructions

Replacement Parts  

Nylon Lift Straps

Part #RP-011

White webbing that raises and lowers the remains or caskets for preparation, casket or dressing room use. Forged steel hooks and heavy duty white webbing wind up into the machine cover. Choose from lenghths of 15', 20' or 25 feet in length.

Standard on new machines.

Glidetec TM Body Straps

Glidetec II TM Body Straps

Part #RP-012 (3" wide)

Part #OP-012 (6" wide)

Slick white straps that are rigid enough to slide effortlessly under the remains, yet flexible enough to hug the remains, thus preventing slippage. 3 inch wide strap is standard on new machines.

Head Sling

Canvas Part #RP-013C
Plastic Part #RP-013P

This sling cradles the head and allows for the stable transfer of the remain's features. With adjustable strap lengths to accommodate every case, the head sling comes in either canvas or plastic. (Plastic model shown)

Standard on new machines.

Body Glide TM Board

Part #OP-014

This custom body board is made from the same material as the Glidetec TM Body Straps. The board fits easily in and out of caskets. You can leave it on the cot for removals or leave it on the prep table for large cases. Has convenient hand slots for easy positioning and is designed to work with the Ultimate 1000 nylon lift straps that snap easily into the brass grommets on the board.

Nylon Casket Straps

Part #RP-014

Black straps used to lift caskets, cots and gurneys, these 8 foot long straps slide through the side bar of a casket, then over the top of the casket and through the other side bar. No more shimmying, or trying to get under the casket!

Standard on new machines.

Rubber Grommet

Part #MP-011

Black rubber that covers the edges of the hole opening where the nylon lifting straps exit the lift cover. Protects straps from snagging.

Standard on new machines.

Breather Plug

Part #MP-012

For the Gearbox/Transmission; this plug keeps the gearbox from overheating and leaking oil.

Standard on new machines.

Fiberglass Cover

A high-tech design, this white hygienic fiberglass covering meets OSHA requirements.
Standard on new machines.
Part #MP-013

Oil - 600 Weight Cylinder Oil

Part #MP-014

For transmission - one quart

Maximum Headroom
White nylon lift straps roll conveniently into the fiberglass cover. The One-Touch TM control system is designed to attach to the cover, and store out of the way, therefore providing maximum headroom.

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